Reason for being late to school

This can be just as annoying, but in a different way.

Reason for being late to school

Renee Robbins February 15, at 9: Failing 12 th grade. The feeling of hopelessness…I keep wondering in my dream why I am I still here? I have been having my dream for 20 plus years although not as frequent as of late…too too weird. I wonder if maybe we have had similar experience s in life or something.

Michelle March 24, at 3: Isabella Curtis March 29, at 2: Adrienne May 4, at 9: Marissa May 30, at 8: Examine your present self and try to identify emotions or people with similar characteristics with the people or feelings you encountere in your high school.

Reason for being late to school

The present you going back to your high school means that your subconscious is aware that what you are doing is wrong, hence yout solitude and inability to keep up. Tania June 9, at 5: But almost every night I dream about the last day of 7th Grade and my crush is always there.

My sister thinks Im crazy and weird. But I just want to know what it means. And my crush is there to but we never seem to talk to each other in my dream.

But I just want to know what it means! June 29, at I didnt finish high school. High School had its ups and downs I was a teenage father and now my daughter hates my guts because of my lack of responsibility. In my dream im always avoiding her mother at school which brings on a feel of fear and anxiety.

I think its time to leave that in the past and grip adulthood by the balls. The selfishness the ill take care of that tomorrow type of mind state. I never realized this whole time my dream was telling me its time to transcend. Be responsible for you. I cant fix my mistakes shelling up and hiding is not going to fix them either.

Peace and love to everyone.

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Laura July 13, at 4: Usually when waiting for the bell there are three boys there and a teacher who I talk to. In both my mum calls me at some point and I have her old mobile in it.

Also if it helps I ussually fall asleep pretty late around Ifra August 18, at 3: My re-occurring dreams range from being in high school and I have a schedule and classes that I cant seem to find. To, lately, back in college and Im getting my living situation in order at my apartment. Both situations are obviously anxiety related as pointed above.

I think the recent college dreams are pointing to a time when I had limited responsibility. All I had to worry about was myself and a great time. I took college very seriously but it was when I had the most friends and most fun.10 Very Real and Ridiculous Reasons Why Kids Are Late to School Rants from Mommyland Facebook wall to share some of the real and perhaps embarrassing reasons their kids were late for school or.

10 excuses for being late to work I had to get the children to school first. Maybe the real reason you're running late every morning is because you're reluctant to go to work. It may be time to find a new job rather than a new excuse for your tardiness.

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Reason for being late to school

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