Infant formula and nestle

Formula must be mixed with water, which is often impure or not potable in poor countries, leading to disease in vulnerable infants. Even mothers able to read in their native language may be unable to read the language in which sterilization directions are written.

Infant formula and nestle

The industry today stands accused of harming the health of whole nations, says Mike Muller Photograph: The Baby Killer explained how multinational milk companies like his were causing infant illness and death in poor communities by promoting bottle feeding and discouraging breast feeding.

Our Swiss associates were less subtle. That shocked the company and undermined its benevolent self-image. It also launched a long-running global campaign, proving that networked social action was possible even in snail mail days. The campaigns attracted wide-spread support from medical professionals, health authorities and civil society in developing countries.

So inthe UN World Health Assembly the governing body of the World Health Organisation recommended the adoption of an international code of conduct to govern the promotion and sale of breast milk substitutes.

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Global regulation of consumer industries was — and remains — a threat to business. UN resolutions are "soft law" that have little direct effect, yet often lead to hard national enforcement.

I spent 30 years doing just that in Mozambique, South Africa and elsewhere. So it was appropriate that water brought me together with Brabeck. But I have to acknowledge Brabeck's efforts to get business and governments to work together to manage and protect the world's vital water resources.

The industry today stands accused of harming the health of whole nations, not just their babies. New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has committed his own money to a campaign against unhealthy food, comparing this to his fight against the tobacco industry.

What started as skirmish in the nursery is turning into full-scale war on many fronts. While the diseases are now obesity, diabetes and heart disease, the issues about the food industry's responsibility remain the same: Children and young adults may get fat because they do not get enough exercise.

Infant formula and nestle

But if they are offered and encouraged to "choose" super-saturated fat diets, dosed with excessive salt and drinks laced with multiple sugars, can the industries that produce and promote those products absolve themselves from the ugly outcomes? Back in the s, the Swiss judge ruled to the contrary.

Today public and political opinion is again swinging in that direction. Important questions are being raised in discussions about the new global development goals to be adopted when the UN's current Millennium Development Goals 'expire' in Should sustainable development goals focus on the unsustainable and unhealthy lifestyles of the rich as well as on the plight and basic needs of the poor?

As the world searches for better measures of development than gross domestic product GDPcounting dead babies remains an important indicator.

But if infant mortality was a stark indicator of poor infant feeding practices in the s, gross obesity is a parallel indicator of poor nutrition today. And action to control the products and marketing of large food companies are an obvious means to improve people's health.

So the spectre of global regulation still looms, an existential issue for the global food companies. But there will need to be more explicit codes of practice and the political will to enforce them if shareholder action is to be effective.

If global companies are to produce and promote healthier food and treat their suppliers more fairly and remain market leaders, such standards must also be enforced or cheap unregulated competition will inevitably undermine those who comply.Baby milk controversy.

Infant formula and nestle

Groups such as the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) and Save the Children argue that the promotion of infant formula over breastfeeding has led to health problems and deaths among infants in less economically developed countries.

There are three problems that can arise when poor mothers in developing countries switch to formula as well as one list of. Start your baby's journey with GOOD START infant formula. Discover our range of formats and formulas made for baby's nutrition, such as our probiotic formula.

The Changing Markets Foundation (CMF) report on infant formula raises some important points. Nestlé has a global commitment to support breastfeeding as recommended by @WHO & through our strict policy. Read more. At Nestlé, we believe infant nutrition is more than just baby food and infant formula.

It is about healthier and more prosperous futures through the right nutrition and feeding practices in the first days of life. Infant formula is supposed to be a highly-regulated industry. After all, it’s the sole source of nutrition for babies who can’t breastfeed, and a supplemental source for many who can.

However, contamination scares from French formula company Lactalis have prompted a closer look at what we’re. For Nestlé and the rest of the global food industry, the baby milk scandal has grown up rather than gone away. The industry today stands accused of harming the health of whole nations, says Mike.

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