Human capacity development summary

Initially, Sen argued for five components in assessing capability: In addition, the approach has been operationalised with a high income country focus by Paul Anand and colleagues. The approach emphasizes functional capabilities "substantive freedoms", such as the ability to live to old age, engage in economic transactions, or participate in political activities ; these are construed in terms of the substantive freedoms people have reason to value, instead of utility happinessdesire-fulfillment or choice or access to resources incomecommodities, assets. Poverty is understood as capability-deprivation.

Human capacity development summary

The Central Intelligence Agency drugged American citizens without their knowledge or consent. It used university facilities and personnel without their knowledge. Where else could an American boy lie, cheat, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All Highest?

These people broke into an FBI office in Pennsylvania, rifled through the filing cabinets and leaked to the press documents detailing the abuses suffered by a wide variety of activists, including a long-term plan to destroy Martin Luther King Jr.: In barely concealed language, King was told to commit suicide before the award ceremony or risk seeing his "filthy, abnormal fraudulent self" exposed to the nation.

He accepted the award and lived four more years until his assassination. At this point victims began to come forward with claims of being horribly abused in these programs, one of the most famous is a woman named Candy Jones who described in stunning detail a tale of corruption and abuse.

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When Jimmy Carter became President in he promptly moved to introduce a modicum of control, he instituted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act establishing an 11 member secret court to oversee the surveillance activities of our covert agencies.

As an example of the limited reporting requirements for the court we have the first report issued to Vice President Mondale from Attorney General Benjamin R. During calendar yearapplications were made for orders and extensions of orders approving electronic surveillance under the Act.

The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court issued orders granting authority for the requested electronic surveillances. No orders were entered which modified or denied the requested authority.

Both the Rockefeller Commission and the Church Committee revealed a long standing pattern of both developing new psychological, pharmaceutical and radiological technologies, to influence individuals and groups and long standing pattern of behavior whereby politically disruptive citizens were systematically targeted, harassed and destroyed.


Yet there have, to date, been no provisions instituted which would stop this behavior, nor is there any guarantee that these kinds of covert programs ever actually ceased. The only practical change engendered by the disclosures of the s was to drive these kinds of operations further into the shadows.

There was, however, no public debate surrounding these black operations because they were classified under the guise of national security.

Human capacity development summary

However, tighter restrictions on human experiment including accountability and transparency did not occur untilwhen President Clinton instituted revised protocols on human experiments. Official reports insist that the research involving experiments during the s through the s was destroyed.

Yet, the scientists involved went without punishment, free to continue their careers. Can we accept that all the psychological research conducted with government funding up to the s was simply destroyed?

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At this time, the American public has no way to answer this question. The current administration classifies more information than any previous US administration.

Human Intelligence: biographical profiles, current controversies, resources for teachers Development was characterized by the provision of choices and freedoms resulting in widespread outcomes. This may appear to be a simple truth.
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Somalia Human Development Report 2012: Empowering youth for peace and development Acknowledgements and contact information Climate change poses a major, and largely unfamiliar, challenge.

Unclassified documents have even been recalled and re-classified. In the s nuclear radiation experiments on humans became public knowledge and Russian tests making use of the electromagnetic spectrum were exposed.

Countries around the world passed laws and signed treaties in response to the danger of weapons that could adversely effect human behavior or manipulate human cognition.

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The Russians banned all EMF weapons in These treaties have roots in the human radiation experiments of the s, s and s. In effect, these treaties declared a basic tenant of human rights and cognitive liberties.

The idea was to streamline the military, improve soldier performance, control the fighting in real-time and avoid soldier mortality. Toward this end, the concept was to enhance the ability of soldiers in the field to interface with computer systems by using their own brain waves.

The US began to fund research into decoding the brain as well as other neurological research. While developments in brain research are touted for their amazing therapeutic advances in the medical field, they primarily serve the purposes of the US military. Americans have little idea about the research concerning the capabilities of electromagnetism, directed acoustics, or computer-human interfacing.Capacity development is the process through which individuals, organizations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities to set and achieve their own development objectives over time.

51 / Human resources management and capacity development United States have some difficulty filling pharmacist posi-tions (FIP ).

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The dynamics of entry and exit from the health workforce in many countries remains poorly understood, and many. Planning human resources development to achieve priority health programme goals Human Resources for Health Development World Health Organization. Our Common Future: From One Earth to One World - A/42/ Annex, Overview - an element of the body of UN Documents for earth stewardship and international decades for a culture of peace and non-violence for the children of the world.

Human capacity development can be defined as the process of systematically upskilling individuals in order to benefit society as a whole. This is accomplished as, once a person has been trained and educated, they move out into their respective society and create economic, social and institutional value.

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