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Hej med dig

The recipe that people keep asking for and which you already know by heart. Every time you bake a new one, you go; Oh yes, thats exactly how a cake should be like. It has been the guest of honour at several birthday parties and holidays, and you have served and dressed it in all sorts of directions, but a plain moist slice always makes your heart skip a beat…okay I think you got the point by now.

This recipe is my very own all time favourite cake recipe.

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Besides the fact that it is moist and has a rich, deep chocolate flavour, this cake is almost healthy enough to eat as a breakfast, say what?? Oh yeah, this cake is flour less, gluten-free, contains no dairy product, no added fat and has a significantly reduced sugar content, woop woop!

I have tested it on several almost hundreds of people, including very sceptical sugar and fat loving men…. So how was this brilliant recipe brought to life. I was as many others intrigued by the fact that you could incorporate beans into a cake, anything that weird had to be tested right away.

I tried all sorts of recipes, but was slightly disappointed each time. Then one day, my very dear friend and fellow foodie Nina told me about a recipe on a bean brownie that tasted exactly as a filthy good old chocolate brownie, almost too good to be true!

After several adaptions including removing all fat, adjusting the amount of beans and sugar, adding and removing aroma ingredients and playing around with textures and types of chocolate, I have ended up with something that I my world fills the criteria for being the perfect chocolate cake.

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First of all you just need to try the cake as it is, right now, go, RUN to the kitchen and try it now! Then next time you can try to play around with it, add shredded coconut, mint flavoured chocolate, cocoa nibs etc. I really hope all of you are up for a little very easy cake baking and indulging, have fun: I am now on instagram so if you feel like it you can follow me and my small everyday food-adventures there, my insta-name is: In a blender combine all of the ingredients, except the dark chocolate.

Blend until it is smooth and free of any lumps. Pour the batter into a parchment lined loaf pan. If you cut the cake into 13 pieces, every piece contains kcal!!!Translate offers both professional human and machine translations between 75 languages.

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Hej med dig

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