Hate crimes agrumentative paper essay

Hate crimes in US History Introduction Racial violence, has always been a significant problem despite the enactment of numerous laws and regulations by the state. As a result, such violence raises fundamental issues that relate to economic development and overall American security. This aimed at eliminating racism but to date the problem still persists. It has further led to bias crimes that are also encouraged by anti-religious and anti-ethnic views.

Hate crimes agrumentative paper essay

Many hate crimes caused riots in the recent news we heard about the different black men that have been killed, police are getting away with it. Many different states around the world have different laws that they carry out, but one should never act on a crime because they feel bias towards their victim.

Hate Crimes Prevention act came into play in This act criminalizes willfully causing bodily injury or attempting to do so when: But where did this act originally stem from? Instead the men beat Byrd up behind a convenience store, stripped him naked and tied him to the truck they were driving in three miles down a road.

While dragging down the road on the back of the truck his head and body had hit a sewage drain and he died Hate Crimes Timeline. Shepard was tied to a split rail fence, beaten, and left there Hate crimes agrumentative paper essay die Hate Crimes Timeline.

In 1, law enforcement agencies reported 5, hate crime incidents involving 6, offenses FBI, According to UCR single bias incidents reported that in Race has the highest percentage in where hate crimes occur more frequently. Perpetrators of hate crimes tend to be more teenagers, young adults, and hate groups.

Hate crimes are normally conducted in small groups and the victim is most often a stranger.

Hate crimes agrumentative paper essay

As you read many news articles we come across many related to hate crimes. For example, a lesbian couple was caught kissing at Six FlagsNew England and two women took it upon themselves to attack the couple and caused injury to them. The two women were later arraigned in court on charges of assault and civil rights violation with injury.

The couple found nothing wrong in expressing public affection to others, but to the women it was abnormal. What started out as bias slurs turned out to be a fight between the women just for their sexual preference for the same sex Newberry, We all heard stories about Eric Garner that was all over the news that became very viral.

A NYPD officer choked an unarmed while trying to arrest him and wrestled him and began to choke him which caused garners death. The chokehold was against the police departments policies and also is a big question as to why the officer did it in the first place. This is a hate crime to many people because of the racial bias that police officers are making towards unarmed black men that are resulting in deaths, and officers getting away with it.

What happened in Ferguson brought a lot of controversy as well.

Hate crimes agrumentative paper essay

Mike brown who was black unarmed man, was shot to death by a white police officer. Even though there are two sides to every story most people consider these hate crimes.

Well how do police respond to hate crimes? Police responding to hate crime it would be their job to first secure the scene. Police officers will identify any evidence left at the crime scene and investigate further information in order to make the arrest of a perpetrator or perpetrators View Result, n.

Courts on the other hand are responsible for carrying out the appropriate punishment for the hate crime. Since hate crimes are both motivation and illegal behavior counseling or some type of rehabilitation may also be necessary.

Punishment for a hate crime can simply be being placed in prison. Many argue that prison will not help and since prisons are so diverse, yet segregated it may cause them to be more bias and continue to be perpetrators of hate crimes.

Victim offender mediation may also be put into place to try and solve problems between victim and the perp the whole purpose would be to reconcile Hate Crime-Criminal Justice, n. Hate crimes have many theories. Social learning theory suggests that the way people act attitude wisevalues they have, and beliefs of those who belong to specific groups are learned through influencing figures which could be anyone from a parentpeers, or just anyone in general that one admires deeply and looks up to.

Strain theory is another one. In order for hate crimes to decrease in society we need to start by doing things to prevent it.

One way to start is by starting with yourself. Showing good examples to those around you and a positive attitude will go a long way.

Work with other people in the community school, businesses, etc. Being stereotypical is a good way for a hate crime to start so with accepting everyone and not judging a book by its cover will be a great start.Thus, the supporters of hate crime laws consider that such laws are a must in combating this type of crimes.

On the other hand, the opponents of hate crime legislation consider that laws related to hate crimes are not needed at all.

Argumentative Essay on Hate Crime Legislation: Rough Draft revised Our government is responsible for increasing our country’s safety against Hate crimes. Strengthening laws pertaining to Hate Crimes will decrease the number of Hate Crimes committed.

Criminologist Essay. Hate Crimes Meshanda Rolland-Avera COM/ March 21, Ms. Valery Reed Hate Crimes Hate crimes are many different criminal acts such as vandalism, Hate Crimes Agrumentative Paper. whole life ahead of him, lost the chance to experience it because he was gay.

Hate crimes in US History.

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This aimed at eliminating racism but to date the problem still persists. It has further led to bias crimes that are also encouraged by anti-religious and anti-ethnic views. In response, stakeholders have endorsed legislation to bias crimes as an appropriate way to punish racial violence.

A hate crime is an act of violence, a threat, harassment, or property damage motivated by bigotry and prejudice against the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability, or sexual orientation of another group or individual.

- Hate Crime in the United States of America THESIS: In this research paper, information will be given on hate crime in the United States of America. It’s best to know about these types of crimes before it’s too late because it’s rarely reported or spoken about but does occur on regular bases.

Hate Crimes: A Boys Life an Essay by Joan.

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