Fulfilling the promise of the american

Great American High School: Today, however, in too many school districts and communities, high schools are no longer fulfilling that promise.

Fulfilling the promise of the american

Fulfilling a Promise from Prague April 6, at 1: A year after his major speech in Prague on reducing the threat of nuclear weapons, the President comments on the new Nuclear Posture Review.

It was almost exactly a year ago today that the President gave a major speech in Prague outlining his vision for decreasing the threat of nuclear arms to the world, and starting the work so that some day in the future humanity will need not worry about the incomprehensible destruction of nuclear war: One year ago yesterday in Prague, I outlined a comprehensive agenda to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and to pursue the peace and security of a world without them.

Today, my Administration is taking a significant step forward by fulfilling another pledge that I made in Prague—to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in our national security strategy and focus on reducing the nuclear dangers of the 21st century, while sustaining a safe, secure and effective nuclear deterrent for the United States and our allies and partners as long as nuclear weapons exist.

As a result, we are taking specific and concrete steps to reduce the role of nuclear weapons while preserving our military superiority, deterring aggression and safeguarding the security of the American people. We have aligned our policies and proposed major funding increases for programs to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons around the world.

Our nuclear security summit next week will be an opportunity for 47 nations to commit to specific steps to pursue the goal of securing all vulnerable nuclear materials around the world within four years.

And next month in New York, we will work with the wider world to strengthen the global non-proliferation regime to ensure that all nations uphold their responsibilities.

Fulfilling the promise of the american

Second, we are further emphasizing the importance of nations meeting their NPT and nuclear non-proliferation obligations through our declaratory policy. The United States is declaring that we will not use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear weapons states that are party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and in compliance with their nuclear nonproliferation obligations.

This enables us to sustain our nuclear deterrent for the narrower range of contingencies in which these weapons may still play a role, while providing an additional incentive for nations to meet their NPT obligations.

Those nations that fail to meet their obligations will therefore find themselves more isolated, and will recognize that the pursuit of nuclear weapons will not make them more secure. Finally, we are fulfilling our responsibilities as a nuclear power committed to the NPT.

The United States will not develop new nuclear warheads or pursue new military missions or new capabilities for nuclear weapons.

As I stated last year in Prague, so long as nuclear weapons exist, we will maintain a safe, secure and effective arsenal that guarantees the defense of the United States, reassures allies and partners, and deters potential adversaries.

To that end, we are seeking substantial investments to improve infrastructure, strengthen science and technology, and retain the human capital we need to sustain our stockpile, while also strengthening the conventional capabilities that are an important part of our deterrent.

These are the steps toward the more secure future that America seeks, and this is the work that we are advancing today.Fulfilling the Promise of IDEA In the 40+ years since the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was enacted, the law has changed the landscape for students with disabilities by opening the doors to public education, creating more inclusive classrooms, and holding schools accountable for results.

Fulfilling the promise of the american

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soldiers from the Korean War, as a. President Trump on Friday thanked North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for “fulfilling a promise” by returning the remains of U.S.

soldiers killed in the Korean War.

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