From nothing to something

Making a God of Nothing:

From nothing to something

Many other scientists have other ideas about how the universe came into being, and very few of them involve something from nothing. The Bible does not say that the universe came from nothing. It says that it was created by an entity called God. Strange that God can create a whole universe out of nothing, but needs some mud in order to create a man, then a rib in order to create a woman.

Genesis 1 is adapted from an older Babylonian myth involving seven gods, where the first six did so much that when the 7th god's turn came, there was nothing left to do, so he rested; Genesis 2 is the original Hebrew myth, where the "world" is a tiny portion of the planet, bounded by 4 rivers -- which of course leads to the conclusion that when the Bible predicts the end of the world, then it only applies to that bit of land].

One philosophical difference is that a quantum fluctuation is, as far as we can tell, a totally random event, while one hopes that a creation by a god is not a random event otherwise, why bother. The Big Bang theory can only go back to a moment we call the Planck Time.

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Before that moment, our present understanding does not allow us to understand how things work. At the Planck Time, the initial energy already existed and space was already expanding.

Therefore, whatever "caused" the universe to exist took place before the Planck Time thus, beyond our present level of understanding. Father Lemaitre thought the initial energy came directly from God. Father Lemaitre Primeval Atom Hypothesis, published in Science, as we practice it in our so-called western civilization, is a creation of the Church.

Nobody else had the people, the time and the resources to establish an international network of communication and centres to collect information, during the period we call the Dark Ages.

This is the network that eventually became the universities. The principle we still use today to firm up theories called Occam's Razor was popularized in the 14th century by a Franciscan Friar: Father William of Ockham. The principle already existed, but was not well known Most of the scientific ideas we use today come from very religious people.

The Nebular theory formation of the solar system was first proposed by two theologian in the 17th century. The theory of Evolution through Natural Selection was proposed by Darwin who, as a student, was studying to become an Anglican Parson and learned about Evolution in a course called Natural Theology Darwin did NOT invent evolution -- it was already accepted as a fact by the Church -- he merely tried to explain how it could work.Keep up with From Nothing To Something Productions.

See more information about From Nothing To Something Productions, find and apply to jobs that match your skills, and connect with people to. “Just a short time ago, there was nothing here but a patch of land.

It is amazing to see something of this scale develop in front of your eyes.” Lantz said while he may not be able to see the end result of this $million project in person, he plans on contacting his replacement to request photos. Something To Nothing Lyrics: And I went from nothing to something / I, I had to hold my head to the sky / Now I'm gon learn to push through / Spending my life burnt through / Cos I Went from.

From nothing to something

Mar 27,  · Doing nothing is sometimes a lot harder than doing something, and one of the central learnings of Zen is to just "do" whatever it is you're doing. When you're eating lunch, just eat lunch.

When you're sitting, just sit.

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My grandparents have a similar stool and I remember spending my childhood climbing up it to pretend answering the telephone. Combined with the recent addition of a 's black dial phone from the Bargain Hunt Auctions, the stool makes the perfect addition.

From nothing to something

Something from Nothing features over objects created by incarcerated Japanese Americans during World War II. Included are handmade objects, historical artifacts, and photographs from the collection of the National Japanese American Historical Society (NJAHS) as well as two contemporary art.

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