Eminent domain is wrong

Bob McGinnity, 63, is living out this horrible scenario right now. He has more than 50 years of memories living in his home on 1st Ave. The city, through eminent domain proceedings, is in the process of taking his two homes and a Citgo gas station.

Eminent domain is wrong

Governor Perdue also signed HR, a constitutional amendment requiring that the condemnation of property be approved by a vote of the elected governing authority of the county or city in which the property is located.

Public benefit from economic development shall not constitute a public use.

Eminent domain is wrong

HB defines public use as: Blight, or blighted property, is determined on a property by property basis, not on the basis of area and must be an urban or developed property.

The property must also meet two of six dangerous conditions listed below: Uninhabitable, unsafe or abandoned structures Inadequate provision of ventilation, light air or sanitation Imminent harm to life or property caused by natural catastrophe where property owner has not taken reasonable efforts to remedy the problem after being notified by the relevant government agency Superfund site due to environmental contamination Repeated illegal activity on the individual property of which the property owner knew or should have known Maintenance of the property below code for a year after notice of the code violation According to HB, the former owner may buy back land at the condemned price or condemner must pay the former landowner additional compensation if the property fails to be put to a public use.

The bill also prevents the condemning authority from condemning land for a public use only to sell that land to a private entity a short time later.

Additional notice is to be given to the landowners prior to the initiation of condemnation proceedings as required by HB The bill requires the Department of Community Affairs to develop a written notice of rights form for use by all condemnors which shall include information regarding the right to contest the taking as well as a sample court motion to do so.

HB provides for a ward of additional damages for relocation costs and lost business revenues where condemnation displaces the landowner. Eminent Domain Constitutional Amendment HR HR requires a vote of the elected city or county governing officials to approve the condemnation of property for redevelopment purposes.

The constitutional amendment also removes the power of eminent domain for redevelopment purposes other than for public purposes. Approval of elected city or county governing bodies is required for non-elected housing and development authorities, including those housing and development authorities that possess the power of eminent domain via a local constitutional amendment.

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The amendment will appear on the November 7, ballot.In response to the ad, Trump doubled down on his support for eminent domain on Twitter. Ted Cruz complains about my views on eminent domain, but without it we wouldn't have roads, highways, airports, schools or even pipelines.

Contemporary Examples. of eminent. President Lyndon Johnson weighed in; national symposia of eminent men were held to discuss the issue. Sep 30,  · In a 4 player game, if each person takes a role card, then,with 24 cards in 2 piles, the game is over in 6 single player turns. I found it too short and decided to wait till the 3rd pile goes.

Mar 09,  · But invoking eminent domain to raise property values and profit margins at the expense of members of the community is counter to the widely accepted American ideal of freedom. Ethics are at the core of this dilemma in Hollywood and elsewhere.

Eminent domain is sometimes necessary but the government has been overstepping its bounds and infringing on the rights of citizens.

It should only be used when a public use such as a road is in play. It should not be used if another private company wants the property to enhance the property value.

When it comes to the general idea of using eminent domain to seize someone's private property in the name of economic development, U.S.

Rep. Paul Ryan hasn’t minced words. He has called it an.

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