Book review the story of an

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Book review the story of an

Plot[ edit ] Roots tells the story of Kunta Kinte —a young man taken from the Gambia when he was seventeen and sold as a slave—and seven generations of his descendants in the United States.

Kunta, a Mandinka living by the River Gambiahas a difficult but free childhood in his village, Juffure. His village subsists on farming, and sometimes they lack enough food, as the climate is harsh.

Kunta is surrounded by love and traditions. Ominously, the village had heard of the recent arrival of toubobmen with white skins who smell like wet chickens.

Kunta is excited to see the world. At one point, Kunta sees men in hoods taking away kafo children. This confuses Kunta, but is eager to learn his father will take him outside Juffure. Omoro and Kunta, set off, learning much more about their surroundings.

When they return, Kunta brags to all his friends about the journey, but doesn't pay attention to his family's goats, which fall prey to a panther. Later on, Kunta is taken off from manhood training, with other kafo. Kunta learns even more about the Gambia, but fears the slave trade, which he learns is closer to home than he thinks.

Kunta passes his training, and learns more about Juffure's court system. One day, he witnesses the case of a young girl, who was kidnapped by the toubob, and came back pregnant. She gives birth to a mixed-raced child, and the case is unresolved.

One morning when Kunta is cutting wood to make a drum, he is ambushed by slatees, black slave traders, and is knocked unconscious. He awakens in the brig of a ship, naked and chained.

After a nightmarish journey across the Atlantic on board the British slave ship Lord Ligonierhe is landed in Annapolis in the British colony of Maryland. However, Kunta is headstrong and tries to run away four times. When he is captured for the last time, slave hunters cut off part of his right foot to cripple him.

Kunta is then bought by his master's brother, Dr. He becomes a gardener and eventually his master's buggy driver. Kunta also befriends a musician slave named Fiddler. In the aftermath of the American Revolutionary warKunta marries Bell, Waller's cook, and together they have a daughter, Kizzy.

Kizzy's childhood as a slave is as happy as her parents can make it. She is close friends with John Waller's daughter "Missy" Anne, and she rarely experiences cruelty.

Her life changes when she forges a traveling pass for her beau Noah, a field hand.

Book review the story of an

When he is caught and confesses, she is sold away from her family at the age of sixteen. Kizzy is bought by Tom Lea, a farmer and chicken fighter who rose from poor beginnings. He rapes and impregnates her, and she gives birth to George, who later becomes known as "Chicken George" when he becomes his father's cockfighting trainer.

Chicken George is a philanderer known for expensive taste and alcohol, as much as for his iconic bowler hat and green scarf. He marries Matilda and they have six sons and two daughters, including Tom, who becomes a very good blacksmith.

Tom marries Irene, a woman originally owned by the Holt family. When Tom Lea loses all his money in a cockfight, he sends George to England for several years to pay off the debt, and he sells most of the rest of the family to a slave trader.We review manuscripts, published and unpublished books, eBooks, audiobooks, poetry books, comic books, graphic novels and short stories.

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This story has a really good plot with really good characters. The story is perfect because it has the exact characters that a normal. The Golden Age review: A tough, intelligent story of displacement.

Joan London’s characters attempt to shape a communal present as Australia absorbs the effects of the polio epidemic that.

Aug 22,  · The Spirit of Want This book is the story of a woman who is successful yet, when a man comes into her life, she loses it all. This is the story of Lucy MacMeil, the daughter of a successful doctor and the wife of an equally successful surgeon.

The Surgeon's Wife read 40 reviews from Indie Book Reviews – “The Surgeon’s Wife. The success of the book, which began as an article in the New Yorker, the magazine for which he works as a staff writer, propelled Gladwell into the realm of super-consultancy.

He has since become a lauded pontificant and ideas progenitor on the international lecture circuit. Nov 18,  · The bulk of the book focuses on the gulf coasts of five U.S. states in the 18th to 21st centuries, and Davis brings that history alive by couching it in the stories of individual people.

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