An overview of the 1770 battle between james cooks troops and the britons

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An overview of the 1770 battle between james cooks troops and the britons

Control of other units on the northern Spanish border, from Laredo westward to the Pacific Ocean, and northward from that line were consolidated under the Commandante, Provincias Internas. During the war years ofthe Governor of Nuevo Leon had one cavalry company of six esquadra squads in Monterey, the capital, and one at Punta de Lampazos, under a mayor and Captain, who also had six esquadra.

The members of the company at Punta de Lampazos have names similar to those who settled in Texas; indeed, some members of that unit probably joined in moving across the Rio Grande River. The names of the Monterey company have been published previously, so the following will be those who served at Punta de Lampazos.

The squads varied in size from 10 to 20 soldiers each. All who served during the time period are shown below alphabetically on one list. The names are found in Documentary Relations of the Southwest, records, andactually monthly rosters from through the end of the war, Sep Alejandro de Abrego, 2nd Esquadra.

An overview of the 1770 battle between james cooks troops and the britons

Manuel de Abrego, 2nd Esquadra. Santiago de Abrego, 3rd Esquadra. Joseph Antonio de Arispe, 3rd Esquadra.

Joseph Valentin de Arispe, 5th Esquadra. Ygnacio Arrendo, 2nd Esquadra. Joseph Leonardo de Ayala, 1st Esquadra. Joseph Lorenzo de Ayala, 2nd Esquadra. Pedro Mathias de Ayala, 2nd Esquadra.


Joseph Manuel Bocanegra, 5th Esquadra. Philipe Cabrera, 2nd Esquadra. Juan Diego Campos, 3rd Esquadra. Nicolas Antonio Cantu, 4th Esquadra. Juan Joseph Dias, 5th Esquadra. Joseph Maria de Echeagaray, Lt, 1st Esquadra.

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Silas de la Escobedo, 5th Esquadra. This may also be read as Blas Escobedo. Blas Flores, Cpl, 2nd Esquadra. Later this name is in 4th Esquadra.

Juan Joseph de la Flores, 5th Esquadra. Claudio Gallegos, 4th Esquadra. Juan Angel Garcia, 6th Esquadra. Joseph Antonio de la Garza, 2nd Esquadra this name is also recorded as Antonio.

Joseph Faustino de la Garza, 5th Esquadra this name is also recorded as Faustino. Joseph Joachin de la Garza, 1st Esquadra.Explore the crypt, with its monuments to famous Britons, and don’t miss Oculus: An Eye Into St.

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The ancient Britons painted their bodies with the dye which was obtained by grinding parts of the plant between a pestle (missing here) and the mortar.

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