A sea change in staffing at

Employee, Contractor or Vendor? Published on August 13, by admin Companies in all types of industries are reconsidering the traditional strategy of having only full-time employees.

A sea change in staffing at

RNs - Florida Brian Bandell, South Florida Business Journal, April 3, As hospitals warn of a nursing shortage in Florida, a labor union is becoming more aggressive in supporting a bill that would require hospitals to hire more nurses. A union representing thousands of nurses is backing bills in the Florida House HB and Senate SB that would set a strict nurse-to-patient ratio in hospital departments and ban mandatory overtime.

Some hospital officials say it could force facilities to close. Nine hospitals in California cited similar legislation in that state as a contributing factor when they closed. The average age of Florida nurses in was 47 and The bill would force hospitals to meet nurse-to-patient ratios specific to each department.

That is the ideal rate to ensure quality care, said Maria Sanchez, a registered nurse at the newborn intermediate department at Jackson Memorial Hospital and a member of the Nurse Alliance of Florida labor union, which has several thousand members in South Florida.

A sea change in staffing at

A University of Pennsylvania study found that a low nurse-to-patient ratio correlates with fewer medical errors, such as late delivery of drugs, and lower rates of infection. That is because nurses can pay more attention to individual patients, Sanchez said.

It would go from a 15 percent to a 25 percent vacancy rate.

A sea change in staffing at

Her hospital can safely assign one RN to eight patients, as long as they have enough licensed nurse practitioners and patient care attendants to assist them with less-complicated tasks. They agree with the Nursing Alliance that nurses forced to work on shifts as long as 18 hours can become tired and disgruntled.

Two Boca Raton companies could have much to gain from these bills. The state Agency for Health Care Administration would enforce it. The bill was filed the last two years, but not heard in committee meetings either time. Walter "Skip" Campbell Jr. In March, nearly nurses held a rally in support of the measure in Tallahassee and personally met with state lawmakers.

The momentum has been building as the nurses tell them about their tough work environments, said John Ratliff, the lobbyist for the Nursing Alliance. The Florida Hospital Association wants to squash that momentum.

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Lawmakers should address the nursing shortage by providing more funding to expand nursing programs in Florida colleges and universities, FHA VP of Strategic Communications Rich Rasmussen said. He points to California as an example of how nursing ratios have financially hurt hospitals. California hospitals have struggled to find enough nurses to meet the 1-to-6 ratio put into effect last year and have 14, vacant positions, said Jan Emerson, VP of external affairs at the California Hospital Association.

California hospitals need 4, additional nurses to meet the lower ratio. Some California hospitals have embraced the ratios. Kaiser Permanente, a nonprofit that owns 19 hospitals in the state, implemented the ratios before the law went into effect and, in many cases, exceeds the requirement with ratios of 1 to 4, spokeswoman Kathleen McKenna said.A Sea Change in Staffing at Leapfrog Innovations Essay Words | 3 Pages.

A Sea Change in Staffing at Leapfrog Innovations, Inc. Grantham University A Sea Change in Staffing at Leapfrog Innovations, Inc. "Don't be afraid of change because it's leading you to a new beginning." -Joyce Meyer This month has brought a number of changes to Sea Coast Staffing.

Community Information Vizcaya by the Sea is an assisted living facility in Pompano Beach, FL. Vizcaya by the Sea offers activities at their location for residents. The lack of a staffing plan could mean that the organization, depending on the size, may have to cease some operations until the employees can be replaced.

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A Sea Change in Staffing at Leapfrog Innovations, Inc | The Case Centre, for educators